Cook. Entertain. Celebrate Everything.


“The best memories are those made eating, drinking, and laughing with those you love.” -Rebecca

Hi there and welcome to Fieldhouse Kitchen, my lifestyle site where I share original recipes and blog posts about cooking, entertaining, and celebrating everything.

Celebrate everything.

My name’s Rebecca (middle name Fieldhouse). I love lobster, writing, Maine, restaurants, the ocean, handwritten letters, chocolate, fog, grilling, sunrises, The Wallflowers and Tom Petty equally, sailing, wine, running, Ireland, docks warmed by the sun, acoustic guitars, lanterns, fireflies, my dad’s collection of Patagonia cashmere sweaters that I steal borrow, lupines, words, and you, for being here right now reading this.


The idea for Fieldhouse Kitchen came about after I moved into a small New York City apartment and missed cooking and entertaining for my family and friends.

I spent my childhood summers at my grandparents’ summer cottage on a small Maine island. Whenever I had the house to myself, I would invite friends over for a casual barbeque dinner on the sun porch or sometimes do the other extreme: a four-course, sit-down meal in the dining room with mussels plucked off the beach out front. I would host so many breakfasts with stacks of Maine blueberry pancakes and the like that my friends dubbed the house Bec’s B&B.

I love simple food that’s fresh, healthy, and easy to make, and even more than that, I love sharing it with others. I’m here to show you that it is possible to whip up delicious food [in a New York minute] even with limited space, supplies, and money.

Even if you can’t make toast without the smoke alarms going off… I’ll show you how to make toast, and I don’t even have a toaster. For more about me, read on.

Weekday happy hours are a must. Even Tuesday nights should be celebrated.

Q. What’s with the middle name Fieldhouse?

A. No idea. It’s a family name. My sister got Catherine. I got Fieldhouse.

Q. Do people ever call you Fieldhouse?

A. Yes. Once my best friend in college, P.J., learned my middle name, she decided to only call me that and insisted others do the same. Not many people in college even knew my actual first name.

Q. What’s with all the Maine references?

A. It’s home. I spent the first few years of my life in Camden, Maine, and every summer on a small island right off the coast from there at my grandparents’ house. I was three weeks old when I first visited the island and I’ve always had a strong connection to it… It’s a special place. The air is clean, the water’s cool, the stars are bright, and all my most celebrated family moments have taken place there… It’s in a league all its own.

Q. Why New York?

A. New York has great energy. It’s tough, exciting, challenging, frustrating, seductive, chaotic, and passionate. It’s not easy, which is why it has all the appeal for me. There’s always someone working harder, making more money, and doing whatever it is that you’re doing 10x better than you. Frustrating? Maybe. A rat race? Not quite. That kind of energy is what makes New York the city that it is. It makes the city buzz even before you’ve had your morning coffee.

In 2019, I’ll be coming up on eight years in New York City. Since my arrival, I’ve lost two jobs, several friendships, survived two fairly decent heartbreaks, endured bed bugs (if you’ve had them, this needs no explanation), been through the perils of the red tape of apartment renting, and then of course navigated the city’s dating scene (which I’ve learned has the similar success rate as that of that semi-traumatic Minesweeper game). But everyone has their own story — and that’s what makes it interesting.

I’ve always been an inquisitive person so I love meeting people in New York and striking up a conversation. It pulls me out of my own little world and reminds me that I’m part of a much greater whole. I like that. I like to be a part of something much bigger than myself. New York does that for me.

Q. What are you doing in New York, besides pottering about your kitchen?

A. Creating exciting content and building brands. My love for storytelling and writing has led me to work in various digital media roles for ABC News, CBS, at the Food Network headquarters for Food.com, and as the Managing Editor for MAKERS. I’m currently the Editorial Director for ForceBrands, the leading recruiting firm for consumer brands across beverage, food, beauty, and cannabis.

Q. Friends would say I light up when                             .

A. Someone asks me for culinary recommendations or to help plan a dinner party. I could spend hours (and I have) dreaming up elaborate parties to host. I also love dishing out restaurant recommendations and curating customized itineraries around them for my family, friends, colleagues, and more. I’ve drafted up bachelorette party agendas, mother/daughter trips, romantic date nights —  you name it. I often share my favorite picks in my newsletter, everydayFK.

For me, it’s not about just the restaurant; it’s about the experience. People dine out a lot in New York, partly to escape their tiny kitchens, but mainly because it’s theatrical. Dining out in New York is theater. We get to be momentarily transported into a world of different tastes, feelings, atmospheres, conversations — it’s culinary escapism.

If you’re looking for somewhere in particular, want to impress a date, need a night out or simply want to know about a certain restaurant, I’m more than happy to be your New York City concierge. Simply visit my Concierge section. It’s an undiscovered little resource.

Q. Best and worst advice you’ve been given?

A. “Figure it out.” –my Dad.

Q. Have you figured it out?

A. I don’t even know what “it” is yet. So no.

Q. I know you don’t stay in every night, saving pennies and cooking… I know you splurge. Dish us your favorite dining experiences in New York so far.

A. I’m a neighborhood girl so I tend to favor local haunts (I lived in the West Village for more than six years). Some favorites? The lobster roll at Pearl Oyster Bar at the counter after 9pm when most of the crowd has cleared and seats start to open up (it’s as close to Maine as you can get); brunch at the counter at Jacob’s PicklesJeffrey’s Grocery (I’m one of Gabe Stulman’s greatest fans, and this is easily my most favorite restaurant in the city for countless reasons); L’Artusi (wildly romantic, energetic, and oh-so New York); guac and steak tacos at Empellon after a football Sunday funday (the food tastes particularly good after a Patriots win); and Buvette — Jody Williams is a genius, and this gastrotheque is a true gem. I love this place so much for so many reasons, but mainly for how beautifully she’s packaged this concept of an all-day Parisian cafe with such acute attention to detail on the quality of food and the casual elegant ambiance of Europe. It’s such understated elegance.

Q. What are some pantry staples you always have on hand that are essential for making the majority of your recipes?

A. Here are some things I keep in my fridge and cupboards at all times:

  • Salt & pepper grinder (I love pepper a little too much)
  • Good quality extra virgin olive oil (I always use Kardamas which my friend owns and delivers me free bottles… helps to have a family farm in Greece, right?)
  • Dijon mustard
  • Lemons
  • Eggs
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Mixed nuts that I upgrade and turn into my Maple Roasted Bar Nuts
  • Is wine a pantry staple?

Q. Describe your food and cooking style.

A. Simple. Food and cooking can become pretentious, overwhelming, and egotistical very quickly. I want Fieldhouse Kitchen to take that arrogance away. I want to show people that it’s possible to create flavorful and healthy meals with just a few fresh ingredients. Above all, I want them to share their dishes with others. Put down the devices, turn off the TV, and have conversation. Food has a wonderful way of connecting us all and reminding us of what’s most important.

Questions, thoughts?

Reach out to me at thefieldhousekitchen@gmail.com or fill in the form below.


Contact me at thefieldhousekitchen@gmail.com

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Tia!

    Thank you so much for the follow. I lived in Maryland for about a year and have some friends and family down there. Perhaps I should get a crab cake recipe up on my site soon? I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the honey dijon salmon recipe. My favorite salmon recipe that I’ve made thus far is my Sriracha Soy Salmon… It’s not as spicy as the title implies and it’s so yummy, easy and healthy.

    If you’re looking for a specific recipe or would like to make any suggestions, feel free to email me at thefieldhousekitchen@gmail.com or get connected via Instagram (fieldhousekitchen), Twitter (@FHKitchen), or Facebook.

    Cheers and happy cooking!

  2. Tia Denise Gayle says:

    Stumbled onto your site via google while searching for a simple honey dijon salmon recipe. Loved the recipe (my salmon was excellent!) but was equally curious about your name and tiny kitchen. l live in Maryland but I am a native New Yorker who recognized a NY small space! Love your website and the foodie in me says ‘follow’!

  3. Hahahaha! This comment made my life. You’re the best.

  4. Ricky Bo says:

    This site literally changed my life. A day without Fieldhouse Kitchen is like a day without sunshine.

  5. I love your “about” and am looking forward to following along and seeing what you cook up in that small New York City kitchen.

  6. Barry B! says:

    I’m a huge fan of this website & the creator!!

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